Camping de Maasakker (EN)

Camping de Maasakker is the natural camping site for tent campers. We mainly focus on walkers and cyclists, but you are also very welcome by car. There is limited space for folding trailers and camper vans. Mini camping de Maasakker is a natural camping site. The site is located in the floodplains of the Meuse, where you can enjoy nature in peace. The campsite is located on the national cycling route LF12. The camping site has limited access for a folding trailer or camper van.

The campsite is close to the town of Megen. Megen is an authentic city with a street pattern from the Middle Ages.

The site is planted with as many plants, trees and shrubs from the area as possible. This preserves the character of the landscape. The site is bordered with new plantings, this should become an original mesh hedge again.

Camping de Maasakker is affiliated with the Natuurkampeerterreinen. Check this site for membership of nature camping grounds. You must become a member of the nature camping grounds foundation. The Green Book is for sale from us.

What makes a Natural Campsite so different? Camping at a Natural Campsite is camping in its purest form. Compared to most family campsites, the sites distinguish themselves on the following points:

Natural location

Our sites are located in the most beautiful landscapes, far from all the hustle and bustle. Thanks to the aerial photos from Google maps, you can see that these are not empty words for every terrain. Sometimes you literally can’t see the Natuurkampeerterrein for the trees!

Small-scale but spacious

Most Natural Campsites are modest in size, but you can always be sure that every camper will get a spacious place. It is precisely that extra space that provides more peace and privacy. Even at peak times during the holidays, every effort is made to offer all guests as much space as possible.

Respect for your rest

Nature campers are generally peace seekers. That is why you will not be bothered by noisy playgrounds, canteens, radios or cars on the site.

Welcome home to the Maasakker campsite.

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